Sportsbooks Sign Official Betting Deals With Major Leagues

official betting

Sports betting has become legal in the U.S., and with this new legislation comes a plethora of new opportunities for sportsbooks. The PGA TOUR and FanDuel have signed a three-year agreement to provide their fans with odds-based content and advertising. They also have rights to use TOUR marks, distribute highlights to FanDuel bettors, and provide branded fan experiences at events.

The NFL is the last major American league to announce an official betting deal. This deal will give three sportsbooks exclusive access to NFL data and allow them to promote their relationship with the league. It will also tie the NFL’s marketing efforts to online and on-air statistics. The NFL will be free to terminate the agreement after the third and fourth years of the partnership.

While legalized in New Jersey, sports betting remains illegal in some states, including Connecticut. Despite the legality of sports betting in New Jersey, it is illegal in New Hampshire and Maryland. Several state governments are now examining the legality of betting on sports in those states. However, in New York, the state’s government has made it a priority to open sports betting. The governor’s office has inserted an online sports betting piece into the state’s 2021 budget.

In addition, the PGA TOUR has partnered with bet365 as its official betting operator through 2024. The New Jersey-based company recently expanded to Canada and is already one of the leading sportsbooks in the European continent.