The NFL’s Shift to Official Betting

official betting

The National Football League has forged partnerships with sportsbooks and betting operators. It also began to research the possibilities of legalized betting markets. Ultimately, it made the move to license official data.

Until now, the NFL has prohibited betting inside of stadiums. However, the league is now allowing betting kiosks in arenas, and it has added gambling content to its broadcasts. For example, it has added betting lines and spreads to the bottom of the screen.

The NFL is not the first sport to offer official betting. The PGA Tour has also partnered with IMG ARENA and Genius Sports to provide live scoring data for the tournament. It has also established a robust integrity program.

As for the NFL, its shift comes as cord-cutting disrupts business models. In fact, the NFL found the most illegal sports betting through mobile devices. The NFL’s research has shown that fans do not like in-stadium betting kiosks, and they prefer to wager on their favorite teams via a sportsbook app.

The NFL is expected to generate $270 million in revenue this season. The league has launched a number of official betting solutions, including a video sportsbook and an analytics firm. It also offers gambling-related training to its players.

The NFL has also struck international sportsbook sponsorships in Australia and Germany. It has forged partnerships with sportsbooks and betting operations, including FanDuel, BetMGM, and WynnBET.

It has also developed a data-powered solution that allows sportsbooks to take bets on every lap of every race. The product is available for use in all regulated states.