Baseball Official Betting

official betting

Official betting is a bit more complicated than other team sports, as baseball games often get shortened or called early for weather reasons. As a rule, most wagers will be void if a game is terminated before the first pitch (unless it resumes the same day and becomes official at that point), but there are some exceptions. In particular, full-game moneylines become official at five innings, while total bases props are settled based on the 6.5 innings rule for 7-inning games (unless otherwise noted).

Player Props

A player must be in the starting lineup and the game must be official for any player-prop bets to have action. Unless otherwise noted, all player-props are rounded to the nearest whole number for settlement purposes. Similarly, any head to head player-specific bets must have both players in the starting lineup for the wager to have action.

Series Betting [Regular Season] – All scheduled games in the series must be played for all bets to have action, except in the event of an American/National League Wildcard game being won by the team(s) that advance to the playoffs. In the event of a game being won by the team(s) in the Wildcard game(s), all bets on the Series Over/Under will stand.

The Director shall allow permit holders to conduct sports betting under this chapter, which may include online and in-person sportsbooks and sportsbook apps. Applicants must be authorized to offer sports betting under the laws of their state and comply with the Director’s regulations regarding sports betting operations. Permit holders must comply with the provisions of this chapter, and the Director shall require any sportsbook operator to post and update its policies, including those related to the integrity of sports events.