What Is Official Betting?

Official betting is a form of sports gambling that reflects the rules and regulations put forth by each league. These rules are meant to protect the players and the sportsbooks. They also offer a safe and secure platform for placing wagers. Many of these sites will offer risk-free bets and deposit match offers for new customers. They can also be accessed from mobile devices, which makes them convenient for on-the-go betting.

The debate over official data has taken center stage in the US sports betting conversation, particularly after PASPA was overturned by SCOTUS in February of 2018. Leagues want to be primary stakeholders in state legalization and profit from the activity, ideally through a direct cut of all wagers. Official data mandates have supplanted the integrity fee as the leagues’ preferred approach to achieve their goal.

All bets are settled using official game data unless otherwise specified. Official game data includes statistics from the game that are published by the league or its authorized statistical provider. If a statistic/result is necessary for settlement of a market and is not available from the aforementioned sources, another reputable source will be used for bet settlement.

Player props involving specific players on a particular date will have action only if those players are in the starting lineup and the game is official. Similarly, head-to-head player props for a given day must have at least one team and go 8.5 innings in order to have action.